Friday, June 1, 2012

Amazing, I started this blog in 2010. Then, we ended up moving to a temporary situation with our possessions in storage while God found us a place of our own.

We had been renting for years: first in a major city where you don't want to buy a property, then second in the suburb where I started this blog. We moved from the major city nearly 2000 miles across the country to the suburbs. Unsure of what neighborhood we would want to ultimately land in, we decided to rent. Then, hubby's jobs began migrating across the country. Good thing we were renting!

But, true to the witness of this blog, God has guided us and blessed us. He has moved us onto a small "farmette" that we now call home. I put farmette in quotes because it is not one yet. The previous owners pretty much ignored the property, so we have a mostly blank slate onto which we can paint our own life picture. :-D

So, I am truly an emerging homesteader now! Check back, lots to come, finally!


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