Friday, December 17, 2010

Letters From An Emerging Homesteader

Dear World,

God's providence is good; it just doesn't always look like what I want in my worldly life.  But, God knows better than I what is good for me - He shows me that continually in my walk with Him and on this path to homesteading.

Years ago, the Lord put in my heart a pressing need to become a contrarian.  At first, it appeared in the form of money management.  Later it turned to cooking.  Now, He's got me gardening.

God has not forsaken us but instead is leading us to a return to His ways - living in tune with His creation and His teaching.  The more I obey, the more I focus on trusting Him, the more peace I have.

World, I will write letters to you on my journey.  I hope they will be a blessing to you.


PS  Please check back.  This is my first post. 


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