Monday, March 11, 2013

I Understand Tumbleweeds Now

The weather warmed nicely last week. Being the opportunistic gardener I am, I decided to cut back the green briar that was growing from the neighbor's cow pasture into my trees. It has been clear since we moved in that no one at our property had cared about the yard. Neither has the owner of the cow pasture cared for his. So, the vines had really overtaken the back fence and trees.

I have nothing nice to say about green briar vines! Those vines have thorns bigger than needles. They are awful. I spent two full afternoons cutting them back and pulling the vines down out of the trees. After I was done, I had a nice view of the pasture. I'm pretty sure the trees will be thankful as well.

Now I have piles and piles of green briar refuse. I have bundled it like a good little trash regulation follower. We'll see if the garbage folks take the bundles. Have I said recently that we have the worst trash service ever? We do. Pretty sure that's in a large number of my posts. sigh.

I don't know if green briar is the source of tumbleweeds. In fact, I'm pretty sure they are not. But, look at those piles! They give tumbleweeds a stiff competition.


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