Sunday, October 21, 2012

Third Bed and Fifth Bed Planted

Rain pounded the third bed I planted. Rained hard for three days. I now think most of the seeds washed away. Little has spouted. So, I have replanted it, and planted the fifth bed.

Third bed

swiss chard
snow peas

26 green beans
2 romaine
3 leeks
26 green onion

Fifth Bed

2 oregano
2 parsley
2 cilantro
2 thyme
36 sorrel
36 spinach
36 arugula
36 mesclun

First Bed:

Replanted (replaces green onions that died) :

36 winter greens - raddiccio, endive, escarole

Fourth Bed:

Replanted acorn squash that seems to have washed away in the rain



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