Sunday, October 21, 2012

Snakes, Fire Ants and Garden Beds, Oh My!

Today, I worked outside and built the fifth raised bed. It is not a succession-harvest bed. I am planting it with herbs and lettuces.

Snake - Here Chickies, Chickies. Here Chickies, Chickies.

I was digging in the dirt, adding compost, and unearthed an earth snake. Knowing that the chickens love those, I grabbed it behind the head and took it to the chicken yard. The chickens were in the coop, so I banged on the coop walls to spook them out. Once they came out to the yard, I tossed the snake in. Chickens didn't see it, and the snake slithered away. Grr. I catch a snake with my bare hands, and the chickens just shrug.

Fire Ants.

You guessed it. I stepped in a huge ant bed as I was walking backward. Now my feet really hurt. This is why you wear boots, even when it's hot and your feet sweat. Dumb me, I had on flip flops.

Garden Bed.

At least I got this finished today, despite all the other excitement.


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