Friday, September 7, 2012

Chickens Need Training - Just Like Dogs!

I went out the first night to check on the chickens to see what they chose to do about the coop.

After I opened the coop access to their pen, I put a piece of plywood over the lean-to and sealed it shut. When I went out the first night, the chickens were huddled against the lean-to as if to show that they belong there.

I picked up each chicken and put it in the coop. Then I climbed inside the coop and put each chicken up on the roost, which is where chickens are supposed to sleep.  (Chickens on the roost bar.)

Now they know to sleep on the roost every night. I have gone out each night to check, and they are on the roost bar. All it took was a "training" session. :D


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