Friday, August 10, 2012

Thank you, Jesus, for the electric company's tree trimmers!

We have had no cable or internet for about 10 days. We canceled our service because we were going to be charged $80 a month to rent set-top boxes. Wow! Fortunately, we learned this while we were still in our 30-day cancellation period.

So, we contracted with another company for internet. Nice man came out to install our service, but he couldn't do it. The pecan trees had grown up around the utility pole, and he couldn't get his ladder in there to connect the cable.

Sigh. Now I had to figure out how to prune the pecan trees in places our chainsaw wouldn't work. And, around electrical wires. I am flabbergasted!

But, God sent us the electric company. The very next day after that failed internet installation, the electric company sent a crew to our block for its bi-annual tree trimming. Yep, once every two years, and they show up the day after our failed internet installation.

Thank you, Jesus!

The icing on the cake is that the nice tree trimmers cut some extra branches for us and put them in the wood chipper. No extra charge, either. Now we don't have to rent another U-Haul to haul more brush. The pecan tree trimming will last a while.

This is how our summer has gone. One challenge after another. One fire to put out after another. Re-ordering our priority lists nearly every day. God has a different schedule than what we would choose, that is for sure.


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