Monday, July 30, 2012

Mowers Gone, WooHoo!

God provides what we need in such amazing ways. Back in April, a woman side swiped my car. It took until late June for her insurance company to refuse coverage. So, my insurance company is fixing my car. I have rental coverage, so they provided me with a rental car. When I went to the shop, I didn't realize I was leaving my car. I had lumber I needed to get. So, I after a bit of whining and negotiating, I managed to get a pickup truck for the first day.

That turned out to be such a blessing. I made a mistake, but God turned it into a blessing. There was no way I would have been able to fit the lumber I bought into my car. I needed that pickup truck.

Best of all...the pickup was a big Ford F150 with a tow/haul option. The husband and I decided to make an attempt at towing the mowers to the curb. So, I kept the truck an extra day. Friday, I stopped work on the coop to work on the mowers. I put soaker hoses around the one back by the shed to soften the cement (dirt really). I had to rake all the leaves from around it and move the abandoned drip irrigation system hoses (thank you for leaving these). Then, I managed to dig enough of a trench around each tire to get them unstuck.

When the husband arrived Friday night, we got to work. First, he had to hack down a tree that had begun to grow behind the mower. Yes, it had been abandoned so long a tree had grown there. Tow chain hooked to the truck and wrapped through the engine, the husband manually guided the mower while I drove the pickup. It worked! (Pictured left is the abandoned mower still stuck in it's place.)

So, now that the mowers were at the curb, we had to worry about what to do with them. Tractor Supply would haul them away, but for a fee. Supposedly, the trash people will pick up appliances as large as a refrigerator. But, with our recent experience with brush, our confidence was very low. Not only that, but I had tried to throw away tires that had been left in the yard. The garbage people actually took my tires out of the trash and left them at the curb. Worst trash service I've ever had!

Our greatest hope was that some landscapers would take them off our hands. We hung a sign on them that said "free or trash." Saturday came and went, and the mowers were still at the curb. Sunday, when the husband left at 2:30, they were still at the curb. My daughter took the trash out at about 6:45 p.m. She came running in yelling, "Someone's taking the mowers!" Boy did I do happy dances.

But, when I looked out around 8:45 p.m. to shut down the house for the evening, the blasted tires were still at the curb. Oh man. I had so hoped he'd take the tires, too.

But, low and behold, when we went out this morning for swim practice, the tires were gone! Oh Yippee!!! He came back! He came back! LOL!

God blessed us this weekend, from upgrading our rental, to preventing us from incurring an expense to haul the mowers and tires away. He also blessed the scavenger, who might be able to fix them to sell them or at least use the parts to fix another mower.


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